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The History of Gambling in America - Steve Durham, Kathryn Hashimoto

The Encyclopedia of Trading StrategiesKup: The History of Gambling in America
Autor: Steve Durham, Kathryn Hashimoto
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Czas wysyłki: towar sprowadzany na zamówienie
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall Press 2009
Ilość stron: 224
Wersja: anglojęzyczna

Opis: The casino industry has been on a wild ride for three quarters of a century. What started as an attempt at economic development in the desert and turned into a haven for organized crime, is today one of the fastest growing industries around the world. This book traces the history of American gaming from the first European settlers to the Nevada experiment.

Along the way readers will learn about the impact of gaming on society and the early attempts to minimize that impact. History of Gambling in America, The, 1/e then takes readers through the evolution of the gaming industry in Nevada as it deals with organized crime. In the process, a template for strict enforcement of laws to ensure the integrity of the casinos emerges that benefits the industry, the state, and the customers. A book on gaming cannot be complete without addressing the reasons for legalization and the reasons against it. Social issues such as crime, bankruptcy, and disordered gambling are also thoroughly covered. Anyone interested in gambling.